Report: Teams Concerned NBA Rushing Tampering Rules Changes

Report: Teams Concerned NBA Rushing Tampering Rules Changes

The NBA's proposed rule changes for tampering are reportedly being met with skepticism from people in the league, including some team owners.

Reynolds noted the proposed amounts "reflect the 600 percent increase in league revenue and the 1,100 percent increase in franchise value since the fine ceilings were last touched in 1996."

Wojnarowski and Lowe cited multiple league officials, team owners, general managers and agents who expressed skepticism about how the NBA would go about investigating alleged rules violations.

Per Lowe and Brian Windhorst, the NBA opened an investigation in July into the free-agent process this summer when many deals were reportedly agreed to as soon as the moratorium period began on June 30, as well as the apparent partnership between Kawhi Leonard and Paul George to ensure they both ended up with the Los Angeles Clippers.

Under current NBA rules, the most severe punishments for tampering include fines between $3-6 million, loss of draft picks, suspensions for team personnel or having current or future transactions voided.

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