Video: Watch Drake, Raptors Reveal OVO Athletic Centre

Video: Watch Drake, Raptors Reveal OVO Athletic Centre

The Toronto Raptors announced Thursday they renamed their training facility the OVO Athletic Centre as part of a collaboration with rapper Drake, who owns the October's Very Own brand.

Raptors president Masai Ujiri called Drake the "King of Toronto" during last year's announcement.

"Over the past four years, the Raptors' relationship with Drake has always ultimately been about celebrating this city and the people that make it unique.

We have something very special happening in Toronto and Drake is a big part of that.

Drake added: "So for us, my biggest thing that I'm most proud of in this partnership is the million dollars that we're gonna be giving to the city to re-do these courts and hopefully create an amazing atmosphere for anyone in that community to come out and either play casual basketball or, you know, potentially breed the next generation of Canadian basketball superstars."

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